The Livia gens has a long and proud history, being particularly honored during the ancient Republic era, but also during the Principate.


Therefore, there is a lot to be said of the Livii.


Suetonius, in his Life of Tiberius, indicates the the Livii “though of plebeian origin, was yet of great prominence and had been honoured with eight consulships, two censorships, and three triumphs, as well as with the offices of dictator and master of the horse. It was made illustrious too by distinguished members, in particular Salinator and the Drusi.”


Tiberius himself was of Livia blood, on his mother’s side.

The town of Forli, Italy, was named Forum Livii, after its founder, Livius Salinator.


So where does our name come from? No one really knows. The root is definitely Indo European, meaning something like “blue”, but it’s been argued that the name was of Etruscan origin. As a non expert in linguistics, I cannot offer more than that, but rest assured I will try and find more on the name itself!


On the next post, I shall tell you the story of the most famous member of our family: Marcus Livius Salinator (in whose honor I have named myself).




M. Livius Salinator